The Impractical Assassin

Song(s): Oxalis by Thomas Kelle and Martin Juha [Original Mix]

Drink: I’m about to grab a glass of water

Snack: None

Mood: Meh.

The Inspiration for this hooded scarf came from the latest installment in The Assassin’s Creed series ‘Revelations’. I’m captivated by Etzio Auditore and his handsome clothes. I thought of ways I could replicate this look but I have neither the embroidery skills or the patience [his costume is intense and should be attempted only by the most serious and skilled cosplayers/otaku. Someone I am not.]

I used 2 – 6oz [170g /140 yds/ 128m] Red Heart’s Light and Lofty in the colour ‘Cafe Au Lait’.

This is the pattern I used:

A big thank you to Bobwilson123 for posting!

The differences I made was that I chained until I couldn’t anymore which ended up down to my feet but not all the way to the floor. I extended the hood quite a bit which didn’t work the way I wanted it to. I now have to wear it with the back flipped up and under for it to rest snugly around my neck and not my shoulder blades. >.<”

I also used a size Q hook [or whatever size the big blue one that Boyle sells is]

I’m still debating whether I should join the two ends to make a loop or keep it separate.

Either way I’ve worn it out three times [without the tails woven in, shame on me] and it’s really nice and cozy.  I think I need to do a few rows around the edge with a smaller hook to help it frame my face a bit. We had some ridiculously windy days here [60mph can you believe it?!] and it flew right off my head when I faced the wrong direction.

Enough rambling, don’t I just look bada**?! If not a little goofy and short necked.

Caption: ‘My name is Etzio Auditore. You nearly killed my love Sophia. Prepare to die.’


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