Hand-sewing Follies

Mood: Meh… Song: Lingus by Oneworld / Cinema by Benny Bennassi Drink: Water The fabric used for this toile is a cotton poly blend broadcloth. It was to be the main shirt fabric because dumb me thought broadcloth at joanns was 100% cotton. As you know this is a shirt made of rectangles and two square […]

The Sewing Theorist Has a ‘Rectangular Breakdown’

Mood: The type of mood you have to be in to watch ‘Very Bad Men’ on I.D. Discovery Song: Waves of Change [Kaskade Remix] by Samantha James The Shirt Pattern as custom drafted by moi. ^.^ The pattern is an attempt to think like a period tailor – comfort and style without a lot of  fabric […]

You’re going to put a zipper in those…right?

Mood: Content Song: Fire In Your New Shoes – Kaskade / Rapture [Avicii New Generation Mix] by Nadia Ali Drink: Water Snack: H-Mart sushi because I was too afraid to explore Hanoori town — No, no dears, I am not going to put a zipper in the front of these ‘shorts’. Open fronts are period, I […]

The Beginning

Mood: Stuffed Song: Beauty Hides in the Deep [The Blizzard Intro Mix] by Doppler Effect Drink: Lemonade Sprite Snack: No more food…please… — Good afternoon Gents and Ladies! [And I only say that because it’s alphabetically correct.] The RenFaire season is back and I have once again realized how unbelievably unprepared I am. I only […]