The Beginning

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Good afternoon Gents and Ladies!

[And I only say that because it’s alphabetically correct.]

The RenFaire season is back and I have once again realized how unbelievably unprepared I am. I only remembered that the RenFaire even existed because my lovely other half mentioned something about never having been to a renaissance festival. [I, personally, don’t believe him.]

So since I didn’t go this year [It’s still going on but I dare not go so under dressed!] I now have a whole year to prepare for the next one!

Who wants to bet that I will still be sewing like a mad woman the night before the day we decide to go?

I’ve planned out two full costumes, undergarments and all, in the style of a  Lord and Lady from Bergamo, Italy in the 1560s.

[Side note: I implore you to do a bit of digging into the Italian Renaissance. It really is a wonderful time for the humanities, education, and most of all art. The Medici’s ruled this moment in history and who doesn’t love the Medici’s? Thanks to them art galleries exist and most of our historical fashion knowledge from this time come from their burial clothes and the countless paintings that they commissioned.]

His outfit is based heavily on Moroni’s portrait of Prospero Alessandri:

The green colour of the jerkin is based on this candid portrait of a gentleman:

which he decided on back in July during our retreat to Deep Creek. Later on, when he visited and we perused Joann’s he chose a deep hunter green poly satin.

The layers for this costume are as follows:

– Shirt with small neck and wrist ruffs

– Doublet

– Paned Venetians [ a.k.a long trunkhose]

– Jerkin

– Linen Hose

My Self-Inflicted Parameters:

– Mostly natural fibers

– Hand sewing where it counts

– Moderate authenticity.

– Complete, then embellish

I plan on embroidering his shirt but I know I will get caught up in placement and in actually achieving something that looks like embroidery so I will leave that until his other clothes are finished. Otherwise he would only be wearing a really nice shirt and some ‘Quick and Dirty Trunkhose’ made on the way there.

Next time: ‘You’re going to put a zipper in the front….right?’


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