You’re going to put a zipper in those…right?

Mood: Content

Song: Fire In Your New Shoes – Kaskade / Rapture [Avicii New Generation Mix] by Nadia Ali

Drink: Water

Snack: H-Mart sushi because I was too afraid to explore Hanoori town

No, no dears, I am not going to put a zipper in the front of these ‘shorts’. Open fronts are period, I swear.

Nope, not even a button.

[Giggles madly]

I had a really hard time drafting the rise for these. There was a lot of guessing going on in the pattern while I was drafting it up. I didn’t get his inseam [I know, I know] or the width of his thigh above his knee so I’m sure my math is more than a little off.

Needless to say, when he tries them on there will be a lot of changes to be made unless the seamstress gods smile on me and a miracle happens. It’s partly why I haven’t put in the waistband or leg cuffs but I will have to in order for them to be considered a true mock-up/toile. I haven’t added the panes or the outer layer for these venetians just yet. They aren’t necessary for the fit and I’m not really worried about them.

Next time: The Sewing Theorist has a ‘Rectangular Breakdown’.


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