A Return to Italy

Mood: Ambitious in that ‘I want to craft all day’ sort of way. Song: Without (Kenneth Thomas Dub mix) by Paul Oakenfold Snack: None Drink: Coffee with too much cream and sugar I am officially back in my costuming mode! After having several spats with a particular shawl pattern, I’ve decided that it would be […]

An interesting break

Mood: Meh Song: S.E.R.I.O.U.S ┬áby Gwen Stefani Drink: None Snack: None I have recently become re-obessessed with knitting. Ravelry has become one my most visit pages and I’ve been dreaming of yarn and for days. It’s gone so far as me thinking it would be nice to have a whole wardrobe of knitted amazingess. I’ve […]

Fittings. Oh boy.

Mood: A little bored. Drink: Coca Cola Snack: Just smashed a bacon burger. Oh yeah. Song: None but the TGS Podcast is going on in the background. First, the corset I made from the Elizabethan Corset Generator pattern: [I apologize in advance for the horrible angles. It was the best I could do with my […]