Fittings. Oh boy.

Mood: A little bored.

Drink: Coca Cola

Snack: Just smashed a bacon burger. Oh yeah.

Song: None but the TGS Podcast is going on in the background.

First, the corset I made from the Elizabethan Corset Generator pattern:

[I apologize in advance for the horrible angles. It was the best I could do with my phone and no full length mirror.]

As with every costumer who has used the pattern generator, I am eternally grateful. It’s a great jumping off point for a well fitting corset that is authentic and most of all: comfortable.

I used a really flimsy hemp cord – one of the thinner options – which was a clear mistake but it’s all I had on hand. I will eventually bone this with zip ties because they’re sturdy and they will help iron out my ‘curves’. It is made out of two layers of unbleached cotton muslin and machine sewn with polyester thread.

It fits great but I will have to move the lacing strips further back as it is too wide. The back three tabs may be morphed into one because of the way the middle tab flips up. It may calm down once the actual corset is made with the zip tie and interlining there to control it.

I may as well make it front lacing so I can get in and out of it without cramping up a shoulder muscle. The current spiral lacing just isn’t convenient enough.

I quite like the idea of this corset by Semptress:

His Fittings

[Sorry no pics. He said something about Google Images…]

In other news…

A miracle has happened!

The pants fit! By the gods the pants fit!

I just need to sew further up the crotch, slant the front down, take out the bulk along the seam, and shorten the leg. But they fit!

Who’s the man?!

[He is but you know how it goes.]

The shirt is…okay. First of all he tried it on with a modern tee shirt underneath and complained that it was tight. He took off his shirt after a lot of insisting on my part and tried it on again. Perfect. Go figure.

The sleeves are a bit long thanks to the drooping armscye. I’ll hack off an inch, add the ruff, and smock it.

The neck opening needs to be widened and the front opening needs to be deepened. Like I figured, the standing collar will probably need to be sewn at an angle with the fabric eased and gathered into it at the front.

Onto Mock-Up #2!


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