An interesting break

Mood: Meh

Song: S.E.R.I.O.U.S  by Gwen Stefani

Drink: None

Snack: None

I have recently become re-obessessed with knitting. Ravelry has become one my most visit pages and I’ve been dreaming of yarn and for days. It’s gone so far as me thinking it would be nice to have a whole wardrobe of knitted amazingess.

I’ve found my new knitting home at a local yarn shop called Clover Hill. The women there are very nice, super supportive, and hilarious. I spend my thursday nights chatting and knitting there. When I’m not there I’m knitting at home to audio books and Law and Order SVU episodes.

Needless to say, the Ren costumes have fallen to the wayside. But I’m working my way back to them! I stopped partially because I felt defeated after trying to make a draped pattern for my OH’s doublet. But it’s my fault for trying to do a bit of costuming when he’s tired and his knee is acting up. Oh well.

Hopefully linen goes on sale or I find an alternative linen source so I can get the shirt and camicia done.


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