Happy Halloween!

Mood: Tired/Disapointed in myself for not doing work.

Song: N/A [If you don’t count the TGS Podcast #26 & #27]

Drink: N/A

Snack: I wish I had bacon.


This is the mandatory Halloween post! Mandatory because this is mainly a creation blog and Halloween is -the- perfect excuse to make an outlandish costume for yourself  or someone else.

[For those who disagree, please refer to wedding receipts and the price tags of prom dresses.]

This year has been relatively quiet. I didn’t feel compelled to make a costume for myself because I didn’t have any party to attend and it’s usually way too cold to run around and be annoyed by pre-teens.

However, I was asked to make a costume for my friend’s baby through collabrative effort. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of it:

Please view with a second leg and two arms attached. The legs turned out a bit too short and the arms a bit too long. I wasn’t able to do any fittings because our schedules were very hard to match up. Thank you, Walmart.

Can you guess what she was supposed to be?

[Psst. She was supposed to be an octopus.]

The costume is unfinished. I couldn’t figure out a hat nor footies for the bottom of the legs. The tentacles were supposed to be crocheted but they never spawned into existence. So now this baby girl has a pretty fleece onesie!

I enjoyed working with the fleece. It practically finishes itself. No binding, no fray check, nothing. It was easy to cut but it’s downfall is that it’s horrible to mark. Chalk, pencil, and pens do not show up. Washable markers work but they never dry and my hands ended up looking like I was tie-dyeing for four hours. I ended up having to use a highly contrasting thread to baste an outline.

But it’s done, or mostly.

Happy halloween, everyone!

Stay safe and watch out for the spiked punch and razorblades!


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