A New Year; A New Camera

Mood: Content

Song: Rosemary&Thyme theme song

Drink: Horrible store brand ginger ale

Snack: None

I have taken a day off! On a tuesday…

Father had a doctor’s appointment, my car needed an oil change, and I needed an extra day of sleeping in.

[My biological clock needs some serious tuning.]

But after all of that I came home to one of my most exhilarating ebay purchases: a cybershot camera under $20 with 30 seconds left on the auction. Let the blind leap ensue!

Needless to say, when I saw it in the mail I ripped it open and took a few shots of – what else – my cats.

Camper is beautiful and more photogenic than I thought she would be:


While KitKat is…well…




But I finally managed to get a good shot [in the dirtiest corner of my room of course]:



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