In My Brain This Hiatus Never Even Happened

Mood: Content

Song: Icky Thumb by The White Stripes

Drink: A certain lemon lime soda

Snack: N/A

I’m being honest when I say that I have never stopped writing for my blog. Every day I’ve written at least a little something. Weekdays are lengthier than others because I’m usually at work writing to keep my brain from going too numb. I know. I know. I have to work to work on getting the text to the website. [I’m working on it!]

At this moment I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to have raw fleece lounging in a cold water soak in my bath tub, music rushing full blast, and some fabric I just cut sitting in nice folded squares in my oh-not-so-portable project basket. Even though I’m sick, though I think I’m on the verge of going into recovery, I still feel content and willing to spill my guts on the interwebz.

To give you a quick run down, over the past few months I…

…Have somehow lost my ‘u’ key on my laptop keyboard

…Have seen Markus Schulz and made an awesome friend named Salsa who sadly never got my number. [We were besties made in trance heaven.]

…Begun to dive a little deeper into the world of fiber. Oh yes, I have begun to spin.

…Knit more baby things than I thought I ever would.

…Made a lot of close friends that I thought I would never make.

…Decided to enter the IRCC (Italian Renaissance Costume Challenge run by Bella of the Realm of Venus) and never got around to actually entering despite all of my insane planning and component hoarding. [It’s now over, btw.]

…Come to the conclusion that it is never smart to make two costumes at one time on a very tight deadline under any other circumstances than in a theater setting.

…Commercial patterns and I will never get along. Ever. [And yes, I’d rather toile my life away than go off of a commercial pattern. I don’t care if they are a dollar. No computer program has and never will make a pattern that fits my shape.]

…Joanns is an EVIL place for reasons every serious sewer/costumer probably already knows. [I mean, if you’re there to buy Red Heart Yarn, fleece, and over-priced polyester fabric then it’s probably you’re kind of place.]

…Dipped my toes into the deep end of designing. [And I’m finding out that the water is very inviting.]

Stay tuned for project updates!


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