And Sunday Winds Down…

Mood: Happy

Song: It Grows by Bloc Party

Drink: A stolen drink of cherry limeade that has been sneakily replaced as the boy comes through the door

Snack: A stolen nibble of shepherd’s pie leftovers

Today has been so eventful, I scarcely know where to begin. Granted, I have to type quickly because the dude is nearly done his before-dinner dinner (that only turned out to be dinner because we didn’t have enough in the house for the two grilled cheese sandwiches he ordered while half-asleep). He’s a quick eater.

We spent the morning gulping down a diner breakfast and shuttling around Maryland between urgent care centers, GBMC, and the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Timonium. What for, I can’t tell you. The crafts fair was like any craft fair. There were several things I wanted and would have shelled out all of my cash for (namely, everything at the booth that displayed jewelry made out of antique silverware (I am a fool for spoon rings)) but with the dude’s condition we didn’t stay long enough for me to run to the ATM and back especially with him in tow.

Now we’re at home and it’s nice rhythm we’ve fallen into. To be honest, it was more like he’s fallen asleep because of the pain killers and I’ve broken out my ironing board to bolster my working space to line a crochet bag. But this whole weekend has been really nice in general.

More on that later.

He’s finished.

[I’m thrilled he’s not leaving until tomorrow!]


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