Product Review: Eco Styler Gel W/ Argan Oil

Mood: Happy Song: Bad Boy by Big Bang (Korea) / Dirty Desire by Utada / Energetic by BoA Drink: Maxim gold coffee Snack: N/A Welcome to: Does this Youtube Fad Really Work? [Can you tell I’ve been watching too much grav3yardgirl? My little sister and I are addicted.] In all seriousness, if you have watched […]

After A Not-So-Quick Trip to the Post Office…

Mood: Feelin’ Kinda Gross [thank you lean cuisine meatloaf @.@] Song: Eat Your Kimchi’s interview with Eric Nam [Can you say Ageyo!!!!! squee!!!] Drink: Orange Juice Snack: Pulp? MY BEADS ARE HERE! Well most of them anyway along with a few other things. As I guessed the 4mm czech glass round beads (dark red) were […]

Insidious the Veil

Mood: Bored Song: Tokyo (Robert Vadney Remix) by Paul Oakenfold — Black Is The New Yellow feat. Anton Sonin by Anton Sonin — The World Doesn’t Know by Tilt — Miami Vibe (Omnia Remix) by Monogato Drink: Black tea picked by monkeys Snack: Apple pieces! While digging around and finding non-yarn related things to do […]

The History of My Head…Er…Hair

Mood: Content Song: Pioneers by Bloc Party / Sleepyhead by Passion Pit /  If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix Drink: Cranberry juice! Snack: Shortbread cookies In the beginning I was natural. Until age 14 my hair was constantly in braids with bobbles[bubbles], hair clips, and beads attached to them. I was born with a […]