Something A Bit OT

Mood: meh

Song: N/A

Drink: Cranberry juice and hot green tea. (It’s Detox Wednesday!)

So I know the theme of this blog is all things craft but it might be high time to tweak it. Besides, I think I’m going to need an outlet for my new adventure and it might as well be here.

I’m going natural.

With my hair anyway. Im starting what a lot of women would describe as a hair journey. But I think I’ll call it an adventure because:

1. It goes with the blog subtitle.

2. Adventure sounds more exciting than journey and if you know my hair history it has been anything but boring. Garish and colourful and ill-advised maybe but not boring.

So far on this adventure I have braved the hair product aisles at my local beauty supply stores. I have watched more hair videos on youtube than god. And more importantly I find myself itching in anticipation for the day when I have a big kinky coily fro to call my own.

This is only the introduction so I won’t bore you with too much detail now. I will in future so prepare yourselves! Mwhuahahahaha…




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