One Week Ago…

Mood: Chatty

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Drink: Ice Water

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One week ago I decided that the texturizer I applied a day before Thanksgiving would be my last. No more texturizers, no more relaxers, no more harsh chemicals to make my hair be what is was never meant to be.

Over the course of this week I have watched a crazy amount of youtube videos about hair and tried things I never thought I would. Brown sugar and olive oil as a scalp scrub? Why not? Consider giving up shampoo forever? Maybe. I also tried out a hairstyle that I never would have considered:

I used 1 packet of black kanekalon hair + 1/4 packet of #4 kanekalon hair blended together to get a colour that was closer to my hair. While I enjoyed this style there were several issues. I didn’t really like it on me until about the third day that I wore it. By the end of the week – two days after I figured it looked alright mind you – my twists were getting frizzy and I had enough of several pins poking me in my head making my scalp itch in inconvenient places. This was also a bad style choice due to my edges being short and uncooperative. I bought eco styler gel to smooth them down but it didn’t work as planned. I ended up washing my hair because wherever I itched gross spots of HUGE white flakes where the dirt on my scalp, the leave-in conditioner I used, and the gel developed into a semi-translucent goo. Ick.

I will definitely try this style again when my edges have grown long enough to be incorporated. Damn you, lace front wigs!

Overall, I’m enjoying the time I’m now spending with my hair. It’s been fun experimenting and twisting and shopping and researching. But it’s confession time: I have turned into a product junky. There have been several times when I’ve watched a video on youtube and written down a product that I should look for and most likely buy because the youtuber presenting it made such a big deal how hair-saving the product was. A trip to the beauty store is now 10x more enjoyable. I could literally spend hours reading the backs of bottles, hunting down new products, and sniffing oils. But I’m sticking with what I have for now because it’s working. My hair feels healthier than it has in a very long time.

Next week, if I don’t finally figure out how to cane row and put in crochet braids, I’m going to try out co-washing and trying my hand at trimming my own hair because holy dead ends batman!


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