After A Not-So-Quick Trip to the Post Office…

Mood: Feelin’ Kinda Gross [thank you lean cuisine meatloaf @.@]

Song: Eat Your Kimchi’s interview with Eric Nam [Can you say Ageyo!!!!! squee!!!]

Drink: Orange Juice

Snack: Pulp?

MY BEADS ARE HERE! Well most of them anyway along with a few other things.

Project - Materials

As I guessed the 4mm czech glass round beads (dark red) were way too small but only by a milimeter. The 5mm gold beads were just the right size which makes me worried about the dark red czech glass beads I ordered that were 6mm…

It’ll work!

[But seriously, I could not find dark red czech glass beads that were round, opaque, AND 5mm.]

I fiddled around with the 5mm gold beads and the czech glass beads I already had to find a combination that resembled the ‘garnet’ necklace Isotta Brembatti Grumelli wears in her portrait painted by Giovanni Batista Moroni to compliment her pink (vermillion?) velvet petticoat and the redwork in her favorite partlet.

Painting - Necklace detail


It’s not the same because of the bead caps I added – in the painting it looks like dark red and gold beads alternating without any decoration in between – but I think Isotta would approve. Maybe?

Garnet Necklace - Sampler

The linen I bought is currently in the wash/air drying in my tumble dryer. The weave is super loose and I’m not sure if it would make a good camicia. I’ll still make one though because I have a feeling  it’ll be the best damn summer camicia ever! [More on that later.]

In other news, the dark charcoal grey twill I bought matches the fabric I bought MONTHS ago. Halle-fricken-lujah.

Petticoat - Fabric match


And the 10mm beads I bought off of Ebay (left) matches the beads I purchased at Beaddazzled! Yay!

Gold Necklace - Bead Match


And now for a K-pop outro!

[Because this dang song has been in my head since 10am. Thanks Pandora. >.<”]



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