Product Review: Eco Styler Gel W/ Argan Oil

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Welcome to: Does this Youtube Fad Really Work?

[Can you tell I’ve been watching too much grav3yardgirl? My little sister and I are addicted.]

In all seriousness, if you have watched any natural hair videos on youtube you’ve most likely seen this product:

With all of the videos of different women of all hair types and personalities singing the praises of the gel it’s no mystery why I decided to pick up this product. As you can probably already tell, I picked up the argan oil gel instead of the olive oil and the original.  There’s no real reason why I picked one over the others. Everyone swears by them all.


– This product is super cheap. I only paid $2 for the smallest size at my local beauty supply store. The largest size, if I remember correctly, was around $5? [Do not, I repeat, do not buy this product online unless you are in the biggest pinch ever and you live in an area where there are absolutely no beauty supply stores. I did a quick Ebay check and the smallest size is going for around $5 for listings with ‘free’ shipping. Do me a favor and save yourself $3 and just check your local BSS. They will most likely have it since it’s a super popular product.]

– It smells nice.

– Blends well.

– Holds well.

– It does what it advertises.


– Not all hair creams/lotions/puddings/leave-ins/conditioners/moisturizers etc. play nice with this product. As I mentioned before in a previous hair adventure post, I applied this gel after I had worked in Africa’s Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In and the gunk that coated my hair and became very visible after only a few hours was absolutely disgusting.

– Flakes when disturbed.

– Crunchy when not blended in with something else.

Final verdict:

It’s gel. It works like every other gel I’ve used before. Same consistency, same tendencies to flake and become super crunchy. Same amount of hold. It even defines my curls the same way which is not at all… But it has the added bonus of smelling nice. If this was an expensive product I’d probably switch back to the big tub of generic clear gel I have in my bathroom but it’s not.

Also, I think I have to use the gel regularly to really comment on this but, I don’t know what the benefit of having the oil in the gel is for other than the scent. The areas where I applied the gel – mostly around my edges – doesn’t feel any softer or look any shinier than the rest of my hair. Recently, I’ve been pulling my hair back into buns and using this product along with another to help keep everything slicked back and smooth and frizz free – which is really hard when you have short edges like mine – so I’ll keep you all posted.

The way I’ve learned to work with this gel is to never ever apply it by itself. I always take even amounts of gel and hair product (at the moment Cantu’s Deep Treatment Masque) and mix them on my fingertips before applying. Doing it this way has helped to drastically cut down on flaking and crunchiness. My twists are moisturized and they hold their shape for awhile even when separated. It doesn’t cut down on frizz though unless set with a scarf to make the area smooth.

So I’m not dissing it completely nor am I singing it’s praises but I will most likely use it until it runs out and then buy more. That is unless I find something better to replace it.


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