Slim Progress On A Snowy Monday

Mood: Frustrated

Song: Something 50s in ‘The SuperSizers Go’ Wartime Episode & something orchestral in ‘The SuperSizers Go’ Restoration Episode

Drink: Lemon Ice Water

Snack: N/A

I can’t express to you how nice it was to wake up to the following text:

“The office is closed today.”

For once, on a Monday, I was able to roll over go back to sleep for 3 more hours while it snowed relentlessly outside. This winter has been great. No sarcasm there at all. Oh yes, I am one of those ‘lunatics’ that enjoys winter and snow storms most of all. [No, I don’t mind shoveling. Yes, I have a car. And no, I don’t mind clearing it off or driving 11 mph through dodgy slush.)

As much as I would love to write that I got this and that accomplished, I really only did one thing besides cook in my new pot and shovel out my father’s business. I finally got the linen I had drying on my weird $6.90 thrift store drying rack from universe knows when and cut out the panels for my camicia. I managed to sew one flat felled seam for the sleeve before being shoved out the door to help move snow.

The proof:

Camicia2 - Linen On Drying Rack

Camicia2 - Panels + Cat

[Folded linen has invaded Camper’s domain by the window. Today, the taunting birds were out in full force.]

Camicia2 - Sleeve flat felled seam

Camicia2 - Underarm gusset

[The last picture is of the square gussets. Since the linen I’ve used is very fine and a loose weave, I decided to double it. I cut out a rectangle that is twice as long as it is wide.]

And on a random note, I recently acquired a Korean dolsot clay pot. I bought it to make steamed egg because I’ve been craving it lately. So I decided to try my hand at it after Maangchi showed me how ‘easy’ it was. [How wrong I was to assume it simple.]



If you’re looking at the picture and saying to yourself…’That doesn’t look like steamed egg at all.’ You’re right, it’s not. I made two severe mistakes that created this deliciously botched soup.

1. That cute pink packet was really a cube of dehydrated miso soup stock instead of the regular dashi stock that I had been hoping for. [I can’t read Japanese unfortunately. I saw the word ‘dashi’, the price tag of $1.00 and thought ‘why the hell not?’ Turns out I already had kombu (kelp) and bonito flakes at home, the two ingredients used to make dashi. Thank you, Google.]

2. I did not stir the egg into the stock. I just dumped it in and let it cook.

But it was very good despite these blunders. A side of rice and a decent dose of fresh cabbage kimchi and I was a very happy and warm unaccomplished seamstress after shoveling.

I think these K-pop outros might just become a thing.

This is an oldie but goodie that’s had me doing the robot randomly around the house: Pop!Pop! by Girls Generation


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