My Ends

This is a quickie post, no need to know what I’m munching on/listening to. I was finger combing my hair this morning to try to wake up and decided to show you the difference between the ends at the front of my head and the ends at the back.

The Front:

So thin and scraggly and straight. This is where the bulk of the damage is thanks to myself because the front is where it counts. All I’ve ever really wanted was a cute fringe/set of bangs.


The Back:

I love these curls. They pop and define with just water like they’ve never been chemically processed before. The unfortunate thing is that they are attached to stick straight pieces. You can kind of see them getting wavier towards the top in the picture.



Now to stop babbling like I don’t have to be at work in t-minus 30 minutes.


One thought on “My Ends

  1. Enjoying reading your blog of thoughts, feelings, and what you are into theses days. Would enjoy seeing you sooner or later. For some odd reason Bill and I have been booked doing different things which is very out of the norm. I believe we have somethings going on every weekend through Easter, Ugg! Anyways I will keep reading your blog as I enjoy the way you write and the things you are into. If i could blog as well as you do I would start one but I really am not a very interesting person and do not have much to share. Hugs, P

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