A Solitary Sunday Night…

What do you do with all those egg whites and the little bit of yoke leftover from making puff pastry goodies?

‘Chinese’ style steamed egg:


In a bowl that fits inside of your pot mix together chopped green onions, egg white, egg yolk, 1/4 cup of water or stock per egg white, and a tablespoon of fish sauce. Mix well.

In your pot add enough water to come at least halfway up your bowl. Place the bowl in the pot and add more water to the pot if need. Turn your stove on medium heat. Cover and wait at least 6 minutes.

You’ll know it’s done when it has turned into a custard that bounces back when gently prodded. Kind of like jello or flan.

I topped mined with some leftover Muenster cheese.

Perfect with rice, kimchi, and seaweed sheets.



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