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I made the mistake of going into my garden this morning to take pictures of my lettuce bed and to pick four squash seedlings to give to my co-worker. That’s the thing about gardening: it sucks you in.

For weeks I’ve been spending all of the time I could be blogging, tackling a garden in my back yard. Since late March I’ve cut down vines and small trees, researched untraditional gardening techniques, and hauled several bags of soil and packets of seed into my backyard to start something truly magical.

Until now, I never quite understood the draw of gardening. But I get it. I definitely get it. Most of my day ends and weekends are spent wandering around this small patch of yard taking care of it. I’m always finding things to do. After work I go into my garden to water them if it hasn’t rained all day. If I don’t make it home until dark I go out there anyway with the flashlight on my phone. (Last night I caught a brown beetle clinging to the underside of a basil leaf happily munching away. So I flicked him. And I kept flicking him until he got annoyed and flew away to a nearby weed.) My neighbors probably think that I’m strange.

Anyways, I made the mistake of going into my garden this morning and now I can’t stop thinking about playing in the dirt some more. I think I need to turn my compost and keep an eye on the herb seedlings that just popped up yesterday. The swiss chard needs pruning because I think leaf miner flies have gotten to them.

 It is all too easy to come up with a to do list. There’s always something that needs to be done because, as we all know, weeds are forever. The best part is: it’s infectious. No one was really keen on doing anything with the yard this year but now everyone is doing just a little bit each day. My dad has so far managed to cut down all the old trees in the front yard along with some drooping branches on the pine tree. The back of the garage has been converted into a live branch baking station to turn them into kindling for fires. The pile has gotten kind of high so some of the incoming branches get mulched for both the  garden and compost pile. Even my brother is getting in on the action VOLUNTARILY. It’s kind of exciting to shout ‘wild brother sighting!’ when he comes outside on a gaming break just to chop up some tree branches and move the wheel barrow full of dirt when no one asked him to.

But in the midst of it all, I’ve managed to start sewing and creating things other than garden beds. Why? Because I saw this video and decided ‘Yeah, I’m going to need about a dozen of those.’

Sidenote: 8bit Betty might just be my favorite 8bit midi music artist ever.

Combine that with Joann’s 50% off red tag fabric sale and some cute cotton prints left over from halloween and you’ve got sewing fever. At least for me. I bought a bolt of muslin at the same time too so I can make some simple petticoats for gardening. I know that sounds crazy but it’s an urge I must fulfill. That and in all my years of rebeling I have acquired a wardrobe of short to medium length skirts and no pants other then sweatpants that are too ironic to wear. So you can imagine my dilema. A nice petticoat or two in the 18th century split style will solve that. Hmm…this gives me an excuse to make some soccachia doesn’t it?

[Sorry, no Kpop music video outro this time. Maybe the next post?]


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