A Bit of A Petti-Ramble

Mood: Meh borderling sulky

Song: Step One Two by Kaskade / A Place Called Soul by Tomcraft

Drink: Cranberry Apple Raspberry

Snack: Mixed miso soup

I slacked. I’m sorry but at least I’m admitting it. Admission is a step towards healing and tolerance, right? But it’s not every weekend that I get to lounge around the house and watch some movies and an awesome Netflix series that blows Twilight out of the water – however shallow that water might be. I think I’m entitled to some down time.

My holiday weekend agenda had included the creation of more than one petticoat this weekend because, in my book, the more layers the better. But I didn’t even finish one. Granted, I would be super close to being done if it wasn’t for my undying need to have a ruffle and the closet cleaning ‘break’ I took in between making the waist ties and getting my pleats even.

The Good News:

1. Depending on how long I make this ruffle, this petticoat could be a good candidate for my Trivulzio dress. It is in the ‘split waist’ style that I wish I had made my first petticoat in. This style is famous for being used primarily in the 18th century but I’m curious to know if there is any evidence that it was used in previous centuries.

2. The closet is clean and relatively organized!

The Bad News:

1. My room, however, is neither clean nor organized due to some serious shuffling around of things; but as they say, ‘It always looks worse before it gets better.’

I have neglected to mention that I haven’t filled in the empty space within my closet yet. This is only because I think I need to have an organizer of some sort within the closet so nothing just gets tossed in there and forgotten.

All of my sewing notions have been organized into a 7 drawer tower on wheels. Now I need to move on to the fabric and yarn situation, find a safe place for my T. Lempicka reproduction and corset ad reprint, and give all goodwill/future free sale items a nice out-of-the-way place to live.

Under bed storage. I need that too and the cats will just have to get over it.

And maybe a shoe rack?

Yikes! Sorry for the tangent…where was I?

Oh yeah, this petticoat:


The more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to dye it yellow and swap out the previous one I made with the new one. Some length might have to be added on to the new one. Oh well. I should add a ruffle to the other one to satisfy my flounce craving and add pockets. OoOoO maybe I could even hide the pockets in the box pleats!

Clevah Gal.


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