Progress and Procrastination

Mood: Content
Song: The sound of a bowling alley
Drink: Sprite
Snack: N/A

Dear reader,

Consider this a back post if you will. I didn’t get a chance to do much off of my deadline list today. Dinner and bowling with friends seemed like the best distraction. So, this is more of ‘Yesterday’s Goal (s)’:


Behold! My handwriting. (Yikes!) I didn’t accomplish much from this list. I did, however, discover that in all the craziness involved with moving I lost the front piece of my bodice. Thus, drafting the sleeve pattern the way I need to impossible unless I find the pattern piece and the toile which have also gone missing.

The moral of this story: Don’t procrastinate.

The feather fan has been started. The base is a clay mache covered dowel. The two decorative pieces are also clay mache. Molding is definitely not my forte, neither is wood carving which is the technique I believe would have been used, but the design I came up with didn’t seem like it would be too difficult to execute.


They definitely need a good sanding to even out my fingerprints and tool prints. In order to make the handle appropriately fancy, I plan on adding a few rings in varying widths in strategic places. And of course it will get a nice coating of gold paint.


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