Something Has Been Finished!

Mood: Ugh
Song: N / A
Snack: N / A
Drink: Water

Today, I have literally flat felled my life away with a quick trip to the reservoir in between. But it’s progress as bored and unmotivated flat felling makes me. It’s especially off putting on this wispy linen that I bought for my camicia.


I will admit that it’s probably not the best fabric but I’m going to give it a go anyway. What I won’t try with this fabric is embroidery or any kind of insertion lace work. Hmm maybe some drawn threadwork might work if I can ever wrap my head around it.

But in other news, I have checked something off of my costume to do list!


During a recent road trip to Pittsburgh I managed to crank out a lace edged linen handkerchief. It’s small and nonessential to my costume but at least it’s something!


One day, once I master cutwork embroidery, I might add some fancy pomegranates and leaves to each corner. Until then I’m going to focus my attention on checking my camicia off of the list. Oh flat fell seams…


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