It Has Been Found!

For days I have been running around like a chicken without a head, looking under chest of drawers and beds and other dark under places, tearing out my hair in frustration to find the front piece of my bodice. I was sure, absolutely sure, that it was somewhere covered in a sasquatch amount of cat hair and several puddles of Angry Cat pee. There have been too many nights where I’ve grumbled the dude into sleep over where it could have gone and how much I will be stewing in self hate while I redo the thing including the eyelets.

So today, after the late night discovery of the front bodice pattern, I resigned myself to work on the back piece to work up the nerve to cut out a new front piece. See, I even put it on my overly ambitious goal sticky note:


[If you couldn’t tell, I have a knack for hiding things from myself and others. And, yes, I am available on Easter.]

So, I went through my Trivulzio gown costume bin and pulled out the square of basted fabric that I knew was the back piece. I opened it up only to realize that it had been with the back piece THE ENTIRE TIME. All I ever had to do was just open up this fold of fabric.

Dear readers, there is a life lesson in this…somewhere.

I don’t know how to feel about this discovery. I think I’m just going to go with ‘overjoyed’ and get cracking.


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