Oh The Excitement!

Mood: Happy
Song: Nothing
Drink: N / A
Snack: N / A

Tomorrow is my first ever meeting with a lace making guild.


I might be way too excited for this but the potential for greatness is, well, great. Lace making, specifically bobbin lace, has always been a skill I have always wanted to learn. Hopefully, all goes well!

In other news, the strangest de ja vu moment happened to me today. I mean if you can even call it de ja vu. Exactly 4 years ago today, I purchased the same linen from the same online store in the exact quantity that I did today but for different reasons and a far different price of course. How freaky is that?!

I quickly cancelled the order I placed today because I realized that I hadn’t done anything with the linen I bought 4 years ago. It’s still in the brown project box I taped it into:


Four years ago I received The Duchess as a birthday present from my dad. Understandably, I fell in love. I was also in love with Jenny La Fleur’s quilted petticoat at the time too which spells costuming train wreck in my book. So I bought all but the navy wool I needed, made a toile of some stays, and then promptly boxed it up to put it all in the attic because I was going off to college for the fall semester.

Now, the linen intended for a chemise will be turned into the lining of my dogale sleeves. Maybe even a partlet too if I’m feeling up to the challenge.

Oh and my beeswax arrived today! It’s just in time too. I thought I was going to quit sewing if my thread snagged and got horribly tangled just one more time.



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