The Saturday When Things Were Accomplished

In a complete change  of events, I have been productive. This is thanks, in part, to the lace meeting and the dude waking me up early so he could get to work.

I improvised breakfast, washed two loads of laundry, mopped up the mess from a utility sink overflow (thanks to a few conspiring rags), and finished  stitching the front of my bodice before 9:45. Woo!



Wet linen lounging on the lawn

(What you can’t see are the small crickets having a field day.)



The front bodice still needs finished eyelets, unfortunately. Boo. It would have shoulder seams but time ran out before I could even start.

Now onto something completly typical: I bought fabric for another project. Some might remember from my previous attempt at a blog that I was in the middle of planning a kimono robe inspired by Jenny La Fleur’s kimono robe which was inspired by Rose’s robe in Titanic when I abruptly put the blog to bed.

Thanks to my accidental four year linen stash confession to the dude, he gently harped on me about the tall box of pretty patterned cotton lawn that has just been hanging out in the corner. It also didn’t help that two days before I had scoured Jenny’s site again (she makes so many beautiful things) and I saw her negligee robe. It is crucial that I have one too for pacing my house on lazy days.

So in the half hour I had to kill before picking up the dude from work, I visited A Fabric Place and  scored some silk organza at a stupid good price and a few frog closures (I couldn’t decide).



I think the white might be too stark in comparison to my lawn fabric print actually.




(White silk organza)


Off white

(Off-white silk organza)

Well it’s a good thing I was thinking about making a partlet for modesty’s sake, eh?

No, I did not plan this at all.

Okay. Maybe I did.


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