Finally A Sleeve Pattern

Just in time for my fabric to arrive in style:


Stay classy USPS.

Drafting the pattern wasn’t too hard. It was actually quite enjoyable. Especially the part where I made a 3 loop finger braid out if excess embroidery floss to help measure out the armscye of the bodice. ( P.S. Making long lengths of finger loop braid is a great way to work out those arm muscles!)


Nearly a whole yard – 31″ to be exact – of finger loop braiding.


The armhole is measured…


…and the measurement in string – or in this case braid – is used to create this hill-and-valley sleeve cap shape. The seam for this type of sleeve pattern will go up the back of the arm instead of on the inside of the arm like modern sleeves.

Finished products:


Yes, I made two copies and yes, one copy is cut in half. More on the reason why later. Right now it is time to switch the fabric from washer to line/dryer so it will all be nice and prepped to be cut into sleeves tomorrow sans a good ironing. Then I’m taking my accomplished butt to bed.


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