Sleeve Saturday? Mmm Nah…

No sleeves. But I did manage to iron the 5 yard length of twill this morning and am about to send the linen through the wash again to soften it up some more. That has to count for something right?

The focus for yesterday was to wash out all the gel that I put in it a week ago and put in some kinky twists to last me a week or two of staring at my small fro wondering what to do with it.

Oh, I didn’t mention that I cut off all my processed ends last Saturday, did I?


Yeah, that was a thing…Needless to say, the immediate difference was shocking and that the struggle with shrinkage became real. Too real.

More on that later.

As to what I did yesterday, besides flat twisting and kinky twisting:

1. I whipped up a new batch of shea butter mix.



2. I made myself a batch of the infamous flax seed gel that several women on Youtube swear by.


It was a fun process and when I do it again I’ll make sure my little sister is around. She would get a huge kick out of straining.

It doesn’t stick to dry things at all and it is perfectly content jiggling as one large blob of weirdness in the jar. Using it is interesting because the texture is definitely reminiscent of super snot. But it defines my curls like no one’s business without weighing them down and becoming too sticky to stand. My hair is still soft and my flat twists aren’t crunchy. I scratch and there are no flakes!

But the real test is how it will hold my hair in this kinky twists over time. But so far I’m a fan! (Natural and cheap? Who wouldn’t be?!)


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