It Pays to Clean

Mood: In need of a cuppa
Song: Mein Teil by Rammstein
Drink: Hot tea soon (hopefully)
Snack: N / A

I’m so ecstatic to be cleaning and going through things I can hardly contain myself…


Although, sometimes, I find a bit of treasure that makes me glad I decided to start these cleaning binges.

Tonight’s gem:


A wonderful box of random craftiness!

Besides the usual tools, acrylic rulers/shapes, snaps, and a few of the endless commercial patterns I stocked up on back in the day during sales, I found…


Pretty blue/green tipped feathers. I can’t tell you what bird these came from, if they’re even real, or what I bought them for….but they’re pretty! As are these fire/blood spot feathers:


I found some unspotted ones too but alas I can’t think if the project they were meant for. I’m going to guess a headdress of some kind.



Adorable pink bunny appliqués. 


Antique silver spoon rings


A ring sporting square cut marcasite (?) and my treasured faux opal ring that I bid fiercely for.


A ton of small Beadazzled treaures and hemp cording meant to be turned into a traveler’s charm collection as part of a steampunk ensemble.


Some super sweet printed cottons. And…


…the name sake of this very blog though not threaded. But something tells me that they will be soon.

Oh and tea!




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