It Looks Like A Dress! (Finally)

Mood: Awake
Song: N / A
Drink: N / A
Snack: N / A

While the dude snored, trying to get enough rest for his early shift, I pleated and sewed the skirt to the bodice.

I wish he had been awake for my triumphant finish.


I chose knife pleats instead of box or cartridge pleats for ease and swiftness.


After pleating the skirt one side at a time it was then whip stitched on with raw edges untouched. Well not entirely raw, most of it was the selvedge edge that I didn’t trim off in order to preserve length.

Whip stitching in progress:


The outside:


Finished seams:


Not too shabby, eh?

(And yes, my hands/fingers need to be in every photo!)

Now, onto the hem so I don’t trip.

I had a plan to extend the skirt and cover the seam with velvet trim because, for some crazy reason, I thought the skirt was going to be too short. Silly me! But I was really looking forward to the velvet trim as a practical embellishment. Oh well.


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