Just a Tiny Break

Mood: Meh
Song: Solar Sailor by Pretty Lights / Music Sounds Better With You (12″ club mix) by Stardust
Drink: N / A
Snack : Cereal

I had every intention of finishing the gown by last weekend. Honest. But I’ve launched myself into yet another cleaning frenzy. Why? Well, besides the house being way overdue for a good cleaning and me not wanting to pay $30 for a replacement foot pedal/power cord, it’s a secret.

All will be revealed in due time. Trust me, it’s too exciting not to blog about. I can say that I did find the power cord/foot pedal for my sewing machine though. So…yay!!

In other news:



Spicy thai lime and ginger chicken soup is simmering away on the stove. It’s night time and we’re in the final 15 minute stretch:


(It’s 2014, where are those geniuses working on smell-o-vision?!)

Also, Monday night football is kicking off on every TV in the house which is why I have resorted to Pandora and WordPress.


And a hungry fluff ball looking for kibble and scratches behind her ears. This is her ‘stop blogging and feed me again because my bowl is half empty’ face.


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