Power Through? Me? Nah…

Mood: Content Song: Disparate Youth by Santigold Drink: Cherry Vanilla Cola Snack: N / A but my stomach is full with much needed indonesian peanut sautee from Noodles and Co. I had lots planned for today. Crank out a dress pattern, wash all the sheets, do a large water change on both tanks, order a […]

Colourwork Triangle Madness

Mood: Content Song: N / A Drink: Watered down coke [yum] Snack: N / A I thought I would share, before I go on to do some early morning laundry and hair care on this blustery November night, a project I’ve been obsessively working on today. Pattern: Triangle Loop by Erica-knits [link is to Ravelry] […]

Twists are DONE!

Mood: Successful and hungry Song: N / A Snack: N / A  [But I would enjoy a nice steamed egg right about now. Or something coated in gochujang. Mmm…] Drink: Soju [chamisul classic to be exact.] Longest finger detangling session ever. Youtube and soju helped. But what does a crafter do with an empty shot […]

Muted Rainbows

This skein was dyed on a dye experiment day with one of my best friends almost a year ago. It was my fear of pooling that let this skein sit in my stash for so long. But now that I’m working with it, I’m more focused on the sweet rainbows of colour that pop up […]

Minutes to Three

Mood: Bored Song: N / A Drink: N / A Snack: N / A Just a few things I’m working on while I wait for 3 to roll around: 1. Trunkhose inspired baby breeches [Better photos of this sweet hand dyed yarn in natural light coming soon.] 2. Houndstooth cowl repeat sample [Wee! Colourwork! And […]