Smocking Ahoy! Or Not…

Mood: Awake and hungry but too lazy (or tired) to cook
Song: N / A  (watching ‘The Bletchley Circle’)
Drink: Hot tea (globe amaranth and oolong)
Snack: N / A

The dude works an early shift and I have volunteered my night owl-ism to stay up and make sure he gets up. So what to do with all this time?

Well, start delving into the world of smocking for the sake of classic/aristocratic/period lolita styles of course. [More on this ‘lolita’ business later. But to calm your worries, let me assure you that it has nothing to do with the book or its book blacklist worthy theme.] The SewLoli community
is hosting a winter sew-along and I figured that in additon to a dress I would make an accesory. To be honest, the accesory came first before I  realized that it won’t take me 2 months for me to whip a hand warmer.

Besides, it will use up some of my ever growing stash.

Anyways…I fell head over hills for the idea of a smocked muff with pearls or seed beads at the center of the flowers. [Thank you, Pinterest.] So into the world of smocking I went:





It didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. I even switched smocking patterns to something simpler when my ambition proved to be not enough. The fabric wouldn’t fold right no matter how much I tugged and shifted it. The flowers always came out uneven. So smocking is out. But thanks to my fabric hoarding I have this pretty length of fabric in a similar gold colour to the poly shantung I was going to use:


Imagine pretty pearls at each intersection and dark red ribbon to cinch in the sides.

Who needs smocking? Not I. [Not yet anyway.]

But until the alpaca fleece I intend to use as filler dries, I’m ‘stuck’ working on this lace shawl I intend to use as a fichu.

Pattern: 198 yards of Heaven [link is to Ravelry]
Yarn: Alpaca lace by Cascade [link is also to Ravelry]
Needle: 4.5mm  (US 7)
Modifications: Main body repeat worked 4x; lace weight yarn (pattern calls for worsted)

Project in progress:


Knitted lace is super addictive. I haven’t  been able to put it down since I started.


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