Twists are DONE!

Mood: Successful and hungry
Song: N / A
Snack: N / A  [But I would enjoy a nice steamed egg right about now. Or something coated in gochujang. Mmm…]
Drink: Soju [chamisul classic to be exact.]

Longest finger detangling session ever. Youtube and soju helped.

But what does a crafter do with an empty shot glass?

Fill it with pearls of course:


Perfect storage while tufting my recent accesory project:


Progress on this is unexpextedly slow since this is my first time tufting anything. For me it’s fiddly work and involves blindly shoving a needle through padding and fur. Where that needle ends up is usually my fingertip on the other side.

So it’s on hold until I can manage to find my collection of thimbles.


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