Colourwork Triangle Madness

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I thought I would share, before I go on to do some early morning laundry and hair care on this blustery November night, a project I’ve been obsessively working on today.


Pattern: Triangle Loop by Erica-knits [link is to Ravelry]
Yarn: Heartland by Lionbrand in 098 Acadia(cream) and 126 Sequoia(brown) [link is to Ravelry]
Needle: 4.5mm
Modifications: Cast on 124 sts instead of 90 since my circular needle was longer the 16″ needle the pattern calls for. [I’m debating whether to use up my 3rd skein (135 Yosemite (rust)) as a large stripe at the end. Hmmmm…]

Note about the yarn: The colours are beautiful and super saturated with a bit of pretty heathering. The luster, drape, and texture of this yarn reminds me of Caron Simply Soft if it were thicker; which is great because I have given up on CSS because of its faux worsted weight, tendency to split, and the possibility of a big pile of unuseable yarn barf lurking in each skein. Heartland is lovely to work with and not very splitty even though I have hit a snag or two along the way but nothing too major.

Notes about the pattern: 1. I have been using this pattern to check my fluency in both continental (holding yarn in your left – or non dominant – hand and picking stitches) and English (holding the yarn in your right – or dominant hand – and tossing, or wrapping, the yarn around the needle). It’s not mandatory and I definitely think you could get away just doing one or the other, but you will be switching colours often enough that you might as well practice too.

2. It might just be me, but my triangles at the beginning of each round do not line up like they should according to the chart. This isn’t that big of a deal to me because I know I can block it to the edge where it will be seldom seen but it is a tad annoying. It’s one of those no-one-will-know-but-me things I guess.


3. Cast on in pattern to achieve infinity once your cowl edges are grafted together.

This post has been made possible by my lovely Aunt Jean who gave this yarn to me last christmas.


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