Power Through? Me? Nah…

Mood: Content
Song: Disparate Youth by Santigold
Drink: Cherry Vanilla Cola
Snack: N / A but my stomach is full with much needed indonesian peanut sautee from Noodles and Co.

I had lots planned for today. Crank out a dress pattern, wash all the sheets, do a large water change on both tanks, order a few presents, and begin to sort through my various stashes all with enough time left over to sit and knit at my local yarn store for an hour or two before picking up the dude.

In a perfect world.

Pattern drafting took up a lot of my time as my plan kept changing and evolving like these things do. Also, the dress I was using as a base for this holiday dress pattern wise turned out to be more sloppily constructed than expected.


I mean, no one really expects the Spanish Inquisition…er…shoulder straps to be a full 1.5″ different in width. The sides were also different lengths and one armscye is deeper than the other but not by much.




Pattern drafting is an extremely effective sedative for cats

It’s still one of my favorite dresses though. And I’m going to continue to work on this holiday dress despite the tighter than tight deadline. Hence why I’ve shut myself off in the guest room with hardly any distractions so I can focus.

All except for this one:


Here goes nothing!


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