Holiday Dress 2014 – Complete

Before I got snow in my shoe:


After I got snow in my shoe [and the dude got over his laughing fit]:


It took all night but it’s finished!

Approximately 24 hours went into this dress from pattern drafting to sewing on the last button. And it all went down without any major bumps. [There was that moment at about 2 a.m. that I completely blanked on how to install a zipper but let’s just forget about that…]

Despite the gaping at the neck, I’m pretty dang pleased with this dress. Especially the tabs at the back which have been a design element floating around in my brain for awhile.


The buttons are a bit…meh…but, surprise, all the buttons I liked didn’t have enough stocked on the shelf.



Excuse the headscarf but pre-holiday hair always looks a bit jacked uncovered


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