T-minus 4 Days

Mood: Rushed

The ‘To Do’ list for today is finished – as finished as it can be – and I’m rather exhausted.

But as the dude so eloquently put it:

‘Yay! Productivity!’

The truck still needs to be booked, things still need to be packed up, and the fleeces need to be seen to. Granted, the last of the sheep fleeces is waiting for its last hot soak to wash away the last of the lingering lanolin and sheepness, so the hard part is over. I can deal with dusty llama and alpaca fleeces. Stinky and greasy sheep fleeces, not so much.

But that’s it for me today. I’m off to eat leftover green curry and tuck myself in with a good nighttime movie. I think Sherlock Holmes should do nicely.


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