One Cup of Tea at a Time

Mood: Restless

Audio: N/A

Drink: Tea [A mix of Dragon Fruit Devotion and Spiced Apple Cider if  you must know]

Snack: N/A

This morning I had an early start and it has thrown me out of whack. So I thought I’d blog about it since I haven’t posted in a good long while.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.

My excuse: life.

Life in the form of page turning paranormal romance novels [thank you Vaginal Fantasy Book Club], haute couture runway shows [One word: Youtube], and a novel idea that has had me hitting the books. It’s been a journey navigating my way through this whirlwind of Victoriana and modern clothing.

And to think, this was all spurred on by my sudden need for a few long skirts. [It’s winter, you know, and I think I’ve spent enough time rebelling with short skirts. I think my mom gets it by now. ;p] I have my ideas but it hasn’t been easy channeling them into something physical or even orderly and useful. They’ve all been drawn out and written down but as quickly as one gets put on paper another pops into my brain and it’s  usually more exciting and time-consuming that the last one.

My task today: tackle my brain one cup of tea at a time and don’t stop until someone in the house proclaims their hungry in the form of moping around the kitchen.

That means, no Pinterest surfing [except to reference specific pins] and no staring out at the snow falling no matter how pretty it is. I’m hoping to get some pattern drafting in and, if I’m lucky, some actual sewing. There is no excuse as to why I shouldn’t be able to do these things. I have the fabric and I have the means. Whether I have the skill or not to accomplish the things I envision in my mind is very debatable. But there is no reason was to why I shouldn’t try. [Well besides the fact that most of the fabric staring at me from across the table are the only bits of their kind that I have and am able to get my hands on.]

Oh well! Fingers crossed.

[And since you’ve endured so much picture-less rambling that has only served as a means of procrastination on my end, I think you deserve a treat. How about a K-Pop outro?]


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