Mission Accomplished (Sorta)

Mood: In denial that I’m up this late
Audio: N/A [But I  do have SHINee’s song ‘Dream Girl’ stuck in my brain]
Drink: N / A [What I wouldn’t do for some water though.]
Snack: N / A

Well, while I’m putzing around on my phone at damn near 3 in the morning, I figured I would do something semi-constructive.

Yesterday, I said that my goal was to buckle down and get myself somewhat organized. The result?

A pathetic excuse for a project list and this:


An untested pattern for a v-neck dress with pleats starting at the shoulder. Of course it’s pin inspired and nothing close to what I had in mind for the day. But as I was feeling a bit insecure about pattern drafting from scratch, so modifying a tried and true bodice pattern seemed like the best and most obvious ways to go.

Tomorrow, if I get the chance, I want tackle my-lack-of-a-good-fitted-skirt-pattern problem. A lot of my ideas are riding on this very thing so I should probably suck it up and put my big girl panties on.

But at least I accomplished a thing!
Be proud of me!


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