I Might Have A Problem

I can’t pass a fabric store, or a store that  just so happens to have a fabric section, without ‘just checking’ their selection of sheer fabrics. I always walk out of there with something. Last night it was two six yard bundles of sheer fabric, a measuring tape (the thing I had gone in to get originally), and two marking pencils. Two days before that six more yards of silky sheer goodness, some cherry pin dot cotton fabric (oh so retro), and a bit of stretch lace.

I blame this upcoming festival season. (But mostly Pinterest. I mean just look up ‘sheer dress’ and let the inspiration overwhelm you.) Now that I’ll be partaking in it this summer, instead of pouting and wishing I could have gone from a nice air conditioned room, I now have to cone up with a plan of attack against the heat.

Plan A: Sheer fabrics

Something that will flutter and let the breeze through to cool me down. And while sheer fabric made of natural fibers would have been ideal, they aren’t super available nor are they budget friendly (My ticket was expensive enough). And who would wear silk canping? I mean, really? So polyester it is. The most I paid per yard for any of the sheers I’ve hoarded lately is $1.50.

The only premade thing I plan on taking with me clothes-wise may be a pair of shorts. Maybe. Everything else will be tops, dresses, and a shawl or two that I plan on featuring here. So to quote the turn of the millenia: watch this space!

P.S. The lack of pictures in this post is frightening so to make up for it here is a picture of a cute longwool sheep that I made friends with during MD Sheep and Wool Festival last year. Ain’t he just adorable?!


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