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Not that you would have noticed but I’ve been spending a whole buttload of time sewing and drafting to relieve work-related stress in the evenings. But lately I’ve gotten the bug to make an accessory. Something bold, dramatic, and somewhat complicated.

Enter the Collared Epaulets of Doom.

The Collar:

I initially draped the pattern using some medium – heavy weight cotton/poly over my mannequin. Her shoulders are about 3/4s of an inch wider than mine (surprise!) so I figured I was safe despite her haute couture hunch. I pinned darts along the sides and centerfront of her neck to make the upper chest area as flat as possible so I could draw the outline.

Pro tip: It’s so much easier to pin the back (overlapping the selvage edges of course) first, the shoulder darts second, and the center front last.


Turns out I was only half right about being okay with using her. The result was a great jumping off point but her shoulders were two inches too forward and her neck is more square than my own.



The remedy was fairly simple: cut the front piece in half to create a pivot point to round out the neckline and shift the shoulder points backwards while maintaining the elegant curve from breastbone to shoulder.


I was so happy with the resulting pattern that I forgot to take a picture until I had scribbled all over the fabric. But you get the idea.



Much better don’t you think? (All seams aside and drafted out anyway.)

Be on the lookout for Part 2 where I decorate this thang!


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