Becoming a ‘Bag’ Lady

Mood: Meh
Audio: Oh the sweet sound zooming through a tunnel and flying down the hoghway because we’re more than an hour late to a birthday party
Snack: N/A
Drink: N/A

These are more pouches than they are bags but the term ‘pouch lady’ doesn’t quite sound right. I made them this morning from some quilted pink gingham fabric and some yellow fabric that I hesitate to call lining sporting 8bit fruits and veggies. I don’t want to call it lining because it feels more like those plastic table cloths than apparel lining. But it’s definitely a woven fabric and I used it as a lining so…lining it is then.

I made them in an effort to get my projects in order to keep the different pieces together. I will be making more of these in future mainly because I still have fabric leftover and, to be frank, I have no other need for quilted pink gingham fabric.

Now for the unflattering pictures. (Seriously prepare yourself.)



And yes, there are pony beads on the ends of the ribbon drawstrings.


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