The Room

Mood: I don’t want to go to bed

Audio: All the craft podcasts of Youtube.

Snack: Leftover steak pizza 

Drink: Count Traveler: A blood orange shandy

In case I did not mention this before…I moved.

We packed up our things and moved away from the city and now reside in a smaller but much more functional space in a tiny steel mill town that is slowly winding down. We have more windows and sunlight here and I can no longer complain about the commute to work.

And now that it is just the two of us and our respective fur babies, we can finally breathe and make up our own rules. And the first rule is: 

The lady of the house shall have the biggest room as her craft room.

It is in the back of the house and the only other room that has more windows is the kitchen.

Previously, my sewing space was split between the kitchen table and our computer desk in the front room. We no longer have said dining room table and the computer desk has been returned to it’s intended usage in our new office. So that left me without a space to cut on or draft on, that wasn’t previously occupied anyway, for about four  months until today.

Later on I’ll have to upload the video I made but until then, my pictures and description will have to suffice.

My table so far consists of two 3-shelf bookcases from wally world and a discontinued tabletop from IKEA. It’s not as tall as I’d like but it will do for now. And on this table, I went ahead and spent my day cataloging my fabric stash to come up with a comprehensive project list so that I can start making things right away once I build the set up for my machines.

Our house lacks furniture in a lot of places and this room is no exception. The only storage for my crafty things at the moment are the brown boxes I moved them in. But that issue will soon be put right. Just not today. Instead, today I moved all of boxes from along the wall by the entrance because I plan on putting a sewing cabinet with an attached storage space in the far corner.

I also managed to consolidate two fabric bins into one thanks to smart folding and removing some fragile objects that I had put inside for safer keeping. Yay!

And now for the pictures of my awful mess and a sneak peek into my stash catalog. (Compiling everything took all day and several cups of tea – until the water main broke anyway – but I’m glad I did it. I forgot about a decent chunk of my older fabrics.)

Thr sunlight is so strong and beautiful in this room! Unfortunately, all the other photos were taken at night with the overhead light on.


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