The Forgotten Era

Mood: Mildly frantic

Audio: Birds flocking to the hedge

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Drink: Yerba Mate Hibiscus and Lime tea

So, I was digging through my box of commercial patterns today on a hunch that I had a pattern for combination underwear that I could use as a jumping off point for an upcoming project, when I found something strange.

I believe at one point or another, no doubt when I was younger and thus smaller, I may have had an obsession with civil war fashion. What do you think? 

Also, I’m not sure what my younger self intended to achieve by buying the same pattern not twice but three times as well as the revamped version. I guess we will never know…

What I do know is that all but one is unopened. I have never made a thing from these patterns except the corset and it fit horribly as commercial patterns always do for we non-hourglass types. I ended up slashing and painting the result anyway for the one and only anime convention I’ve been to: Otakon 2008.

Point is, I don’t have the pattern I thought I did. So I’m off to draft my own. Wish me luck.


One thought on “The Forgotten Era

  1. I’ve definitely had those moments where I open my pattern cabinets and find multiples of the same pattern. Often what I find is that I had probably been working on multiples of the same thing but for myself and someone else in the same size range, but a different size. It is always an adventure seeing what our past selves had decided to aquire for projects we never got too.

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