The Ugliest Pocket

Mood: Irritated at the idea of going to work

Audio: Tires on pavement

Drink: Water with lime

Snack: n/a

Don’t be me.

Don’t apply the fancy new seam technique you picked up over vacation to every project you work on.

The mantua maker’s seam should be used on straight(ish) seams, not the ultra curvy outer seam of a pocket.

Baste the two pieces of linen that make up your pocket and bind them with bias tape instead. Bind the slit too while you’re at it and slap the finished pocket onto some linen tape.

This ugly thing is still functional though. And I’m relieved to know that besides this picture, I get to hide it under my skirts.

Onto the next project!


While doing some spring cleaning, I found my first ever attempt at a pocket. And boy, if you thought the previous pocket was ugly, you’re really in for a treat.

It was made in a hurry. So much so that the linen strip that acts as the tie isn’t finished at all. I think I tried to finish them at some point with black thread but gave up not even halfway down the first side.

Also, it may look fine from the outside but the stitching on the inside is terrible. So bad that I’d rather not expose such bad stitching on the internet. All I will say is that my handsewing skills have vastly improved.


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