A Small Drafting Victory

So, as with just about everything, it has been a while since I have drafted anything on the duplicate I so painstakingly made nearly a year ago. Sidenote: She isn’t my size anymore though she is roughly the same shape so I take anything I draft on her now with a huge pinch of salt. […]

The Forgotten Era

Mood: Mildly frantic Audio: Birds flocking to the hedge Snack: N/A Drink: Yerba Mate Hibiscus and Lime tea So, I was digging through my box of commercial patterns today on a hunch that I had a pattern for combination underwear that I could use as a jumping off point for an upcoming project, when I […]

An Obligatory Re-evaluation

Over the years I’ve become, probably unnecessarily so, cynical about New Year Resolutions. For a while I’ve viewed it as a commercial advertisment for gyms and all things weight loss. Now I view it mostly as a way for the general populace as a whole to garner support for long thought about and much needed […]

When a Sewing Theory Comes Together

Mood: Hangrelieved (hungry angry and relieved) Audio: The sounds of my new neighbors moving in. Snack: Pancakes are on the way. Drink: Limeade Consider this a sneak peek. At some point, I’m going to make a complete write-up of this project. But this will have to suffice in the meantime. I just had to share […]

I Might Have A Problem

I can’t pass a fabric store, or a store that  just so happens to have a fabric section, without ‘just checking’ their selection of sheer fabrics. I always walk out of there with something. Last night it was two six yard bundles of sheer fabric, a measuring tape (the thing I had gone in to […]

One Cup of Tea at a Time

Mood: Restless Audio: N/A Drink: Tea [A mix of Dragon Fruit Devotion and Spiced Apple Cider if ¬†you must know] Snack: N/A This morning I had an early start and it has thrown me out of whack. So I thought I’d blog about it since I haven’t posted in a good long while. Don’t worry, […]

T-minus 4 Days

Mood: Rushed The ‘To Do’ list for today is finished – as finished as it can be – and I’m rather exhausted. But as the dude so eloquently put it: ‘Yay! Productivity!’ The truck still needs to be booked, things still need to be packed up, and the fleeces need to be seen to. Granted, […]