Inventory Day…Er… Week

Mood: Still feeling rushed even though I made it with time to spare Song: Something by Someone [earworm, ho] Drink: Water Snack: Chocolate chip cookies It’s time to take inventory of everything. Literally, everything. As you can imagine, I am dreading opening another storage tub and finding more craft things. Not that I don’t like […]

The Impractical Assassin

Song(s): Oxalis by Thomas Kelle and Martin Juha [Original Mix] Drink: I’m about to grab a glass of water Snack: None Mood: Meh. The Inspiration for this hooded scarf came from the latest installment in The Assassin’s Creed series ‘Revelations’. I’m captivated by Etzio Auditore and his handsome clothes. I thought of ways I could […]