Twists are DONE!

Mood: Successful and hungry Song: N / A Snack: N / A  [But I would enjoy a nice steamed egg right about now. Or something coated in gochujang. Mmm…] Drink: Soju [chamisul classic to be exact.] Longest finger detangling session ever. Youtube and soju helped. But what does a crafter do with an empty shot […]

Beauty Supply Store Drama?

Mood: Frustrated Song: Lazy Girl by Girls’ Generation / Monster by Super Junior Drink: Tension Tamer Snack: N/A Disclaimer: This is a rant and thus my own unapologetic opinion. If you are offended by anything I have yet to say that is your perogative and you do not have stay for all of it. Everyone […]

The History of My Head…Er…Hair

Mood: Content Song: Pioneers by Bloc Party / Sleepyhead by Passion Pit /  If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix Drink: Cranberry juice! Snack: Shortbread cookies In the beginning I was natural. Until age 14 my hair was constantly in braids with bobbles[bubbles], hair clips, and beads attached to them. I was born with a […]