Eyelets Conquered! Bodice Complete!

Mood: Content Song: This is Love by Utada / Seasons by Ayumi Hamasaki Drink: Hot tea (orange pekoe) Snack: N / A After a stern look I finally worked on the eyelets. You may be wondering… Why the hold up? Answer: I dislike them. A lot. Why? Answer: I can never get them even let […]

It’s Pink!

As in ‘Congratulations It’s A Girl’ pink. Or ‘nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach…’ pink: It’s definitely not the deep vermillion I had intended it to be. The colour is the product of two consecutive dyeing sessions in my washing machine which leads me to believe that the fabric I used to make this underskirt […]

The Underskirt

Unlike the camicia post I don’t have a large historic schpeel about the underskirt’s role in the Italian woman’s every day – or special occassion – routine. There are no extant examples of underskirts and there are no separate skirts to be spotted anywhere in any painting that I have seen. This probably discredits this […]

The Camicia

The camicia [also known as a smock, shift, or chemise depending on where you hail from] is the basic undergarment for women of this time period and afterwards. Since washing techniques during these times were harsh and only suitable for hard-wearing fabrics, it was absolutely necessary to have some sort of barrier to keep that […]

A Return to Italy

Mood: Ambitious in that ‘I want to craft all day’ sort of way. Song: Without (Kenneth Thomas Dub mix) by Paul Oakenfold Snack: None Drink: Coffee with too much cream and sugar I am officially back in my costuming mode! After having several spats with a particular shawl pattern, I’ve decided that it would be […]

Fittings. Oh boy.

Mood: A little bored. Drink: Coca Cola Snack: Just smashed a bacon burger. Oh yeah. Song: None but the TGS Podcast is going on in the background. First, the corset I made from the Elizabethan Corset Generator pattern: [I apologize in advance for the horrible angles. It was the best I could do with my […]

Hand-sewing Follies

Mood: Meh… Song: Lingus by Oneworld / Cinema by Benny Bennassi Drink: Water The fabric used for this toile is a cotton poly blend broadcloth. It was to be the main shirt fabric because dumb me thought broadcloth at joanns was 100% cotton. As you know this is a shirt made of rectangles and two square […]

The Sewing Theorist Has a ‘Rectangular Breakdown’

Mood: The type of mood you have to be in to watch ‘Very Bad Men’ on I.D. Discovery Song: Waves of Change [Kaskade Remix] by Samantha James The Shirt Pattern as custom drafted by moi. ^.^ The pattern is an attempt to think like a period tailor – comfort and style without a lot of  fabric […]